We excel at visual communication, rather than employing any form of ‘house-style’, we treat each project as a unique challenge with a unique solution.

We have always understood the value of computer generated imagery at various stages of the design process, to the point where it has become an integral part of our workflow. Re-Format are able to produce design development imagery directly from our working BIM models, as well as simple fly-through animations, which we have found to be an invaluable tool for client meetings.

There are some instances where a fully rendered visualisation is not appropriate for representing a scheme. Our hand drawn sketches can be particularly helpful when dealing with contentious planning schemes and we are also able to produce physical models for both marketing and planning purposes. These vary in scale, from hand built laser cut models to larger city scale CNC models.

We also specialise in high-end visual representation. This is mainly categorised under final planning images and marketing material, which can also include supplementary graphic design work. Our visualisation experts collaborate closely with the design team to ensure that the images produced portray the right impression and are reflective of the high quality architecture that Re-Format produce.