At Re-Format we are passionate about innovation and available digital solutions. All our projects are delivered using digital modelling and BIM (Building Information Modelling or Management) processes as a standard. 

What it means in very simple terms is that our designs take shape in 3dimentional virtual reality from concept stage to completion, allowing our clients to better understand and interrogate the spaces and designs. It also allows for more efficient and accurate spatial coordination at technical design stages and it improves the communication and representation of the design information.

However our methods and use of BIM offers much more beyond the virtual dimensional geometry: it offers information and better management. 

Our virtual design models contain a lot of data to deliver clear and unambiguous design information and documentation output to all parties involved in the design and construction process, as well during the maintenance of the completed building. 

The standardised BIM processes across the industry improve collaboration, management and quality of information and eliminate geometry clashes before the projects start on site. We found that they can also contribute to more efficient delivery of projects. This is why we implement modelling on any project within the practice.

We offer a wide range of digital services relating to BIM and we structure the information model according to the client’s needs (EIR, BEP), the project complexity and stage. We can deliver projects to varied BIM maturity, including to BIM in accordance with BS EN ISO 19650. Two of our senior members of staff, Gavin and Magda hold certification in BIM Project Information Management and take on the role of BIM lead within the practice and on many projects. Contact us if you are interested to hear more about our expertise, BIM capability, software, capacity to validate models, clash detection, 4D models, 5D models and 6D models or simply if you need help decoding the numerous acronyms relating to BIM.