Wexham School

Wexham School


Re-Format was responsible for the expansion of Wexham Secondary School. The work comprised of a new teaching block with a bespoke learning resource centre. The three-storey 3000sqm building has allowed the school to expand to an 8 Form Entry secondary school. The master planning design dramatically reconfigured the campus, through the demolition of tired modular classrooms opening up and enhancing the school grounds.

A key concept in the development of the design was to provide a building that defined a new route through the campus playing fields. This design strategy created a novel and exciting building that has inspired the pupils and enhanced the schools perception within the community.

The project was conceived as a rational form which consolidated all the disparate requirements into one elegant form. This simple block was then transformed by a dramatic yet simple intervention, in the form of a glazed double height learning resource centre and a 2 storey gateway route under the building. The simplicity of form and materials utilised within the construction enabled these modest yet significant and bold design features to take form.

The building utilises its thermal mass via exposed concrete soffits and is passively ventilated via openable windows, night cooling vents and a breathing buildings NVHR system.

The main contractor has remarked that this is one of the most efficient and cost effective buildings they have delivered.

“The new building is amazing and is making such a difference to the school. I really enjoyed working with Re-Format throughout the project.”

Lawrence Smith, Headteacher

“You should be so proud of such a piece of architecture! I am proud myself and I didn’t design it!!! Say a huge thank you to all your team!”

Juan Medina
Head of Design
Construction Central – Slough