Wayside, Petersfield



A contemporary sustainable replacement dwelling within the heart of the South Downs National Park. Re-Format saw the project through from conception, assisting the clients who undertook the construction as a self-build project.

A clearly defined concept sees an entrance ‘slot’ introduced which allows for a comfortable relationship between the two main building forms. The two-storey element contains the majority of the living and sleeping accommodation, as well as a study and ancillary spaces. The single-storey element contains a living room with a vaulted ceiling – this room is orientated to allow for late afternoon and evening sun to penetrate into the space.

The scheme reflects Re-Formats agenda for sustainable builds, creating a passivhaus principle development of high levels of insulation and airtightness, combined with triple glazing, MVHR, ASHP, integrated PV panels and battery storage, creating a net zero carbon proposal, that generates far more energy than it uses annually.

The main material used is timber cladding which has been coated in a treatment product called Sioo. This significantly reduces the weathering effect on the timber cladding, allowing the appearance to remain muted and harmonious. The subtle use of timber fins in places give depth to the facade and interest to the overall fenestration.