A mixed-use scheme situated within the heart of Petersfield, adjacent to the railway station. The site had been refused planning permission previously, however since becoming involved, Re-Format gained permission in late 2023.

The main face of the scheme acts as an iconic gateway element into the town, particularly when disembarking from the train. Further into the site, the character changes with the introduction of a series landscaped courtyards, creating pockets of greenery for the residents to enjoy.

The selected material palette references the local context. The use of red brick and clay tiles in the area have meant this was a natural choice, whilst terracotta ribbed tiles and areas of render to match ensure the scheme appears harmonious.

The prominence of the main gable which fronts the site naturally made it a key design element. As a result, a number of local gables were assessed – a key feature in many of these was Jettying, which is where the upper floor projects beyond the dimensions of the floor below. The proposed design is effectively a modern interpretation of this technique of building.