Paragraph 79 Dwelling, West Sussex

Paragraph 79 Dwelling

West Sussex

Re-Format was commissioned to design a functional yet beautiful family home under the Paragraph 79 exemption on equestrian land with stunning views towards the South Downs.

The family wanted their new home to be a contemporary interpretation of a house for equestrians to recognise their careful cultivation of the site and their deep personal connection to it. They see the new home and its landscaping as an opportunity to unite the features that they have developed on the sloping site, from the stables in the northern corner to the wetlands which form the southern boundary.

The design has developed from layers of concept overlaid to form a rich narrative that ties the proposal to its context at every scale. At a site strategy level the sequential site layout, from stable yard to wetlands, references that of traditional country estates, in particular local Parham Park. The next layer is the dwelling itself; the exploded u-shape form is derived from traditional stable design and responds to the land use as a home for equestrians. At a micro level the form and materiality of the fin elements reference the historic industries of Storrington.

The house is organised into two volumes; a larger public living volume and a smaller private bedroom block which is shielded to the north by existing trees. The two volumes are connected by a glazed link which retains views through the site and continuation of the landscape. The volumes have generous ceiling heights however their position on the slope of the site means that views across the site from the stable yard are retained.