Hestia, Farnham



Re-Format was commissioned to design a replacement dwelling on a site in Tilford, Farnham.

The proposals involve a 5 bedroom house with separate pool and guest accommodation, together with a home office, arranged around a loose landscaped courtyard.

The house and ancillary accommodation share a common architectural language of simple timber clad barn forms set above more solid bases. The house utilises the existing forest clearing to minimise its impact and retain and enhance the surrounding natural environment.

The key conceptual driver was to create a scheme which responds positively and sympathetically to the sloping woodland context. The house relates uniquely to the immediate terrain, and incorporates level changes within the internal and external arrangement to ensure it is well positioned ‘within’ the landscape.

The house is located within a natural clearing within the woodland setting and care has been taken to ensure the house and ancillary accommodation sit down within the hillside.