Guildford Baptist Church

Guildford Baptist Church


Working with a vibrant and dynamic client body from Guildford Baptist Church, Re-Format’s design has totally transformed the ‘tired’ 1960s building into a stunning new facility to meet the diverse needs of a forward thinking community.

Planning consent for the strikingly modern building, in the heart of Guildford’s historic centre and conservation area was granted without a single objection. The completed phased construction works has almost doubled the amount of accommodation and has been a catalyst for the ‘opening-up’ of the church to the wider community.

The project has taken 14 years from inception to completion, with 4 distinct construction phases.

“Re-Format has a remarkable ability, among the many other talents that they possess, of recycling tired, worn-out buildings. Ours is one of them and what Re-Format has come up with in terms of a re-imagination of space, use and aesthetics is nothing short of miraculous.

The more I look at the spaces that have been created, the more appreciative I am of Re-Format, and your skills in particular, both at design and communication. It strikes me that you have a real gift for making complex things easy to understand.”

Dr Ian Stackhouse, Senior Minister