Farringdon House

Farringdon House

East Grinstead

Whitehall Homes commissioned Re-Format to transform a derelict 1970s office building in East Grinstead into 38 apartments along with a new ‘penthouse’ floor containing modern offices. The design challenge was to extend and renovate the original structure in such a way that the new additions complimented 1970s architecture without replacing some of the more ‘brutish’ details.

The integration of a series of projecting elegant glazed balconies has reanimated and transformed the appearance of the original facades. In addition a dramatic new roof line has been created by setting back the new offices from masonry structure below. This not only provides a crowning feature to the development, but also forms a series of pleasant terraces for the office personnel.

“We are very happy with the level of professional service and look forward to our continued relationship on future projects.”

Pierre Lederer, Whitehall Homes LLP

BIM Overview

BIM (Building Information Modelling; 3D computer CAD modelling) was crucial in the efficient production of information and visualisations at the concept design stage. It helped respond to a swiftly changing brief in a timely manner and testing multiple options.

Working within the complicated existing fabric and coordinating alterations, service routes and strategies was the main challenge on this project. The existing building consisted of the concrete frame with unusual coffered slabs, arrays of beams internally, staggered column layout and large ring beams to the perimeter of each floor. The existing structure imposed strict limitations for alterations, locations of new openings and penetrations. The BIM model allowed analysis of the existing superstructure in great detail and to come up with efficient strategies for the alteration of the façade, ventilation, service distribution and drainage.