Re-Format worked closely with the local planning authority to develop a new substantial ‘landmark’ building in the heart of Epsom as part of an overall strategy to maximize the potential of the existing ‘brown field’ sites.

Whilst the site is virtually hidden from view from the residential streets to the south west, the building itself steps up and becomes a prominent landmark structure as it addresses the more commercial streets that lead into the centre of Epsom. To achieve this the form of the building is broken down into a series of animated elements that are arranged to respond to their unique immediate context. This novel strategy was developed in consultation with the local planning authority that were keen to promote high quality architecture whilst challenging the previously imposed height restrictions in Epsom.

“I was extremely pleased to work with Re-Format as the way that they were able to integrate themselves into the design team through public consultations and the entire planning process was extremely efficient and professional.”

Ian Hann, Principal Planning Associate – The Planning Bureau