Canford School Teaching Unit

Canford School Teaching Unit


Re-Format orchestrated the conversion and extension of an existing single storey science building to provide additional general teaching classrooms and replace the failing existing external fabric.

The unique design involved a new ‘structural table’ sitting over the existing building that allowed the classrooms to remain in use whilst the first floor was completed. The ground floor windows and walling have been replaced to match the first floor. The final outcome appears to be a completely new building externally whilst containing pre-existing accommodation in a seamless envelope.

“Re-Format’s work is very good. I have enjoyed working with the firm on this project. Most significantly I think the project lead is an excellent architect and I work well with him. His detailing, knowledge and understanding is superb. He is quick to respond, generous in his efforts to help the school get what they want and really tuned in to my thoughts and ideas.”

Andrew Bruce, Estates Bursar, Canford School