Re-Format was appointed by Wates to prepare a design for the development of their 21.4 hectare site at Stocks Farm, Bramley, comprising 140 new dwellings, (40% affordable) with the following additional elements to meet the needs of the local community:

  • Community allotments
  • Community building (use class E – shop, café, co-working space)
  • Integrated sustainable drainage system
  • Community orchards
  • Bowling green
  • Skate park
  • Wild flower meadows
  • Trim trail
  • Kick about area
  • Children’s play area (LEAP)
  • Landscape buffers

The high quality design is compatible with the distinctive qualities of Bramley, achieving wildlife and landscape improvements and providing a ‘tenure blind’ layout for new residents that is sympathetic to the existing residents and the historic built environment in the vicinity.

The development parcels, respond to the existing field pattern and are well connected to the village and the surrounding public routes. The integrated landscaping creates a beautiful setting for the new residents.

Our approach was to enhance the existing environmental opportunities, with a rich tapestry of community benefits woven into the layout to meet the needs of the local community and to provide a vibrant setting.

The circulation network is legible and landscape led, with shared surface routes providing informality at the edges of the built development parcels. The homes providing surveillance whilst enjoying views out over the streetscape and public open spaces.