Bonar Bridge, Creich

Bonar Bridge


Re-Format was approached to design a holiday home on the edge of Loch Migdale, close to Bonar Bridge in Scotland. The traditional croft houses, local materials and the palette of the existing landscape provided main inspiration and strongly influenced the design.

The concept assumes two modest scale buildings to form; a new house and boathouse. Both forms are proposed to be embraced by the existing trees and semi cut into the site slope to decrease further the perception of its scale.

The proposals aim to evoke the traditional architecture and to create appropriate forms and scale. Reinterpreting the traditional appearance aimed to recreate and reflect the charm and quaint character of the local architecture, however in a modern, respectful way.

The proposed materials are inspired by typical building materials of the rural environment (stonework and green roofs) creating a playful combination of ‘soft and hard’ materials and textures, both of irregular form and contrast those with crisp lines of timber cladding in tones to truly combine and reflect the colour palette of the surrounding landscape.