West Sussex

Re-Format was appointed by Wates to prepare a design for the development of their 4.177 hectare site at Marringdean Road, Billingshurst, comprising 79 new dwellings, (35% affordable).

The high quality design is well contained within the mature landscaping, which leads the design approach.

The irregularity of the parcels of development follows the site’s characteristics, its trees, hedges and contours and achieves wildlife and landscape improvements, with public realm access for all to enjoy.

A verdant green setting at the entrance to the site leads into a central public green space. Boulevard routes connect through the site to create a simple and legible street pattern.

A variety of dwelling types and sizes are proposed within the ‘tenure blind’ layout to meet the local needs.

The integrated landscaping creates a beautiful setting for the new dwellings. With homes positioned to provide surveillance over the streetscape and public open spaces.

The layout incorporates attenuation features into the sustainable drainage strategy to control rainwater run-off and enhance environmental and ecological benefit.