Barnsnap House

Barnsnap House


A contemporary dwelling on a woodland clearing site within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty near Horsham.

The architectural approach for the 5-bedroom, 350 sqm home is to break down the component parts into a collective of volumes which are pulled apart to maintain and reinforce views through the site.

The result is a low impact intervention that conveys a perception of general openness and creates an intimate dwelling set ‘within’ the woodland landscape. The one and two-storey volumes share a common language of vertical dark timber cladding while wildflower planted green roofs ensure that the house blends into the surrounding forest fringe.

Re-Format worked closely with the clients to develop the interior design. The overall concept maintains the holistic contemporary feel of the dwelling – the juxtaposition of the soft tones within the interior balances against the bold external appearance. In turn, the interior material palette allows the views of the surrounding woodland to be the focal point when occupying the internal spaces.

The project utilises Passivhaus principles, with renewable energy in the form of PV and ASHP’s which create an EPC rating of 115 which creates a home of extremely high sustainability value.