Woolmer Gate


The site is currently occupied by two large 4 bedroomed detached dwellings. Re-Format was asked to design a unified collection of dwellings for the owner and his extended family.

Re-Format approached the design with the need to protect views into neighbouring properties and the aspiration to create a collective of dwellings, linked by a living street but organised around a series of more private courtyard gardens. The design uses the notion of ‘navigable’ rough stone walling to create the transition between public and private. Carved ‘wedges’ of sleeping accommodation bridge these thick walls, shaped particularly to reduce massing and scoop light in throughout the day. The northern elevations by contrast are lower in profile to allow light into the courtyards behind and reduce heat loss through the external walls.

“My final presentation goes to a scheme which is also houses, which is also having to deal with overlooking and local sensitivities… The judges considered the scheme to be the very best of its kind.”

— Head of Housing Design Awards

Housing Design Awards 2009 — Winner

Private Client

Construction Value

RIBA Stages A-D