Paul Gorzelak


Paul joined Re-Format in 2022.

An ARB registered Architect, Paul brings enthusiasm and organisational rigour to the delivery of projects. His experience spans multiple sectors, with a particular focus on the prime residential and multi-residential sectors. Having previously worked in London and the south East, he is skilled in nurturing relationships with clients and contractors to ensure the smooth running of projects. With a thorough understanding of local and national planning policy, Paul has delivered compliant projects from concept to completion.

He believes that extensive due diligence in the early stages of the design process is vital to steer a project in the right direction. Working to BIM level 2, Paul delivers projects in 3D with all design disciplines federated and clash detection and coordination protocols deployed, so that detail design progresses efficiently to meet the client’s aspirations.

Great architecture Paul believes, results from a process of continuous learning, developing, and improving. He is conscientious, hard-working, and fully aware of project programmes, with the skill to communicate clearly to meet deadlines. His creativity lies within efficiency. Paul’s ambitions lie in designing spaces which connect users with their environments, enable social interaction, and let the outside in. Aesthetic style, he believes, is secondary to the positive impact the project brings to its environment, its users, and the community.

Mentoring young people embarking on their journey to become an architect is close to Paul’s heart, and he actively assists students at school and university level. He is also a keen artist, who uses his spare time to develop Abstract Expressionisms, focusing on light, colour, texture, and the aesthetic appearance of chaos.