Guildford Baptist Church


Working closely with a dynamic client body at Guildford Baptist Church, Re-Format has completed the second, and, arguably, the most important phase of work to realise the transformation of inclusive worship and community facilities known as the Millmead Centre, which is located next to the River Wey in the heart of Guildford’s historic centre and conservation area. The original Church was opened in 1972, comprising a 500 seat auditorium, meeting rooms, offices, a games hall, and coffee bars.

After 40 years, not only were the centre’s facilities in need of a radical update, but the original brick and concrete structure was also in need of major repair and upgrade of heating and electrical services.

The completed phases have brought about the most dramatic transformation, re-imaging the entire form and appearance of the building within its context. The final phase has now been commissioned which will include the construction of a new entrance pavilion, the complete regeneration of the ground floor and auditorium.

“Re-Format have a remarkable ability, among the many other talents that they possess, of recycling tired, worn-out buildings. Ours is one of them, and what Re-Format have come up with in terms of a re-imagination of space, use and aesthetics is nothing short of miraculous.”

“The more I look at the spaces that have been created, the more appreciative I am of Re-Format, and your skills in particular, both at design and at communication. It struck me yesterday Neil that you have a real gift for making complex things easy to understand. Looking forward to seeing the chapel space come to completion.”

— Rev Dr Ian Stackhouse, Senior Minister, Guildford Baptist Church

Guildford Design Awards 2015 — Commendation

Guildford Baptist Church

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