Graham Lake

3D Visualiser/CG Artist/Architectural Assistant

Graham joined Re-Format in 2014.

Graham studied at the University of Portsmouth for both his degree and diploma in Architecture.

Graham is the practice’s 3D Visualiser/CG artist. He leads several members of the team producing visualisations to ensure that Re-Format’s output is consistently of an incredibly high standard. It is Re-Format’s breadth of expertise in visualisation that allows us to develop photo real imagery for all stages of the project and enable our clients to understand the design process with total clarity.

Graham is very interested in the representation of architecture throughout the design process which he uses in his role of providing visualisations for planning images, company marketing material and producing images for clients to enable the full understanding of the design development process. He believes it is critical that the client has a good understanding of exactly what they are getting, as this can be key to achieving a successful piece of architecture.