Claycots Primary School


The expansion to Claycots Primary School comprises a 1 FE extension providing 15 new Classrooms, a Multipurpose Hall with Kitchen Suite and renovation to parts of the existing building including a Staff room and further learning resources.

A key concept in the development of the design has been to provide a building that responds to the existing school both visually and practically. The civic features of the town hall are a key asset to the school that could not be matched in grandeur. Therefore the new extension relates to the existing through subtle elements such as the palette of materials and the regularity of the fenestration.

The large volume of the hall sits to the front to showcase the school’s presence in the community, providing facilities throughout the school day and into the evenings.

The classrooms are centred around an open atrium giving direct access to the shared library and break out spaces. This space also connects all levels and all age groups providing a communal atmosphere where pupils of all ages can interact.

Slough Borough Council

RIBA Stages 0-7