Big Meadow

Long Sutton

Re-Format has designed a contemporary loose crescent of five dwellings in Long Sutton, Hampshire.

As the dwellings are situated in a historic field in the centre of the village, the principal parameter was to design a low impact and intimate solution. This was achieved by carving fingers in the landscape so that the ground floors are set into the field and occupy sunken terraces. Five differing but delicate timber first floor elements are placed over, which sit virtually at the existing field level. The gardens then gently tier up to field level, creating a dynamic movement through the houses.

This move is critical in providing what appears as flat green roof single storey pavilions behind the existing deep hedgerow on the banks. The effect from outside the site is one of little change compared with a traditional roof pitch form which would clearly show development within the field from surrounding areas.

Raw Element Ltd

RIBA Stages 1-7