Ash Manor School


Re-Format have designed a new performing arts hub with a community theatre at Ash Manor School, Surrey. The two-storey 1000sqm building will allow the school to expand to an a 8-Form Entry (8FE) offing spaces for 1200 pupils aged 11 – 16.

A key issue discussed by the design team was the need to respond to the styles of teaching and learning that are constantly evolving. Teaching professionals are looking for school buildings to offer a wide range of flexible environments that can be readily tailored to suit different activities, group sizes and individual pupil needs. The building design will feature spaces with different scales, good natural daylight where required and a variety of interior finishes to create
distinct zones with individual identities.

By using standard materials in an imaginative way we have been able to provide the school with a unique and striking design within their budget. The dynamic cladding materials reflect and showcase the activity within whilst the chamfered form creates a harmonious relationship with the existing school buildings.



Surrey County Council

RIBA Stages 0-3 currently

Planning Submitted

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