Apartment Development


Re-Format were commissioned to design proposals for a 9 apartment scheme on a town-centre brownfield site adjacent to a railway station.

The proposed building is conceived as two ‘floating’ brick volumes sitting atop a ‘solid’ plinth, semi-recessed into the existing banked site. The brick volumes are separated by a recessed, ‘negative’ circulation core that is glazed and clad in PPC metal panels. The resulting residential blocks have a scale and massing that is appropriate to the area and the vertical emphasis of the twin blocks provides an elegant ‘stop’ to the station approach.

On top of the brick volumes there is a roof garden that provides external amenity space for the residents that takes advantage of the views to the south, over the railway station. Openings within the brick volumes are proposed as deep-recessed and, in some instances, splayed, to enhance views out and create the visual impression that they have been carved out of the solid brick mass.


RIBA Stages 0-2